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Our Church calendar provides a comprehensive list of upcoming events and activities. Our calendar has everything from bible studies and prayer meetings to exceptional services and outreach efforts. We invite everyone to join us for these events, as it is a great way to build community and share our faith. You can view our Church calendar online or pick up a copy at the Church office. We update our calendar regularly, so be sure to check back often for the latest news and events. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events


Girlocity is for girls ages 11 - 19, primarily in the CSRA, but some girls participate virtually.


  • A four-week summer program for middle school students to prevent the summer slump impacts all youth, especially children of color, often taking their skill set back six months. 

  • Free tutor for girls in the program

  • Bi-weekly Bible Study 

  • College tours throughout the year

  • Annual summer retreat

  • Participate in community service and take action projects

  • Girlocity School for homeschooled girls to socialize while attending their independent academic endeavors


Encourage, pray for, and stir each other to exemplary work. 

Girlocity provides girls ages 11- 19 with social, academic, emotional, and individual support to achieve success. We empower girls with leadership, life, and decision-making skills. Psalm 31

The mission of The Bessie M. Thomas Women's Ministry is to seek to know and fulfill God's purpose and plan for our lives. This will be achieved through general conversation, lecture series, and women's conferences. We engage in discussions about family issues and participate in biblical worship services. Female members are encouraged to join. Visitors are welcome.

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